Is it for you?

Hi, I have been a dog owner, lover for many many years, that’s my way of not giving my age away!

I have owned Lurchers, Terriers, Collies, Cross Breeds most of which have been rescue dogs. I currently have three dogs Maya, a 9 yr old Working Sheep dog and  2 Mini American Shepherds all of which I have had from puppies.

All my dogs compete at Agility, although Maya is semi retired now. Buzz the older of my two youngest dogs is currently running at Grade 6 and Dash at Grade 5.

None of my dogs are perfect. Buzz is a barker by nature and stuggles with his impulse control. Dash is not keen on other dogs and Maya is very nervy of noises and strangers dog training is 24/7 in my house! Its a passion, and I get a buzz out of turning my struggles with them into strengths. I want to be able to share this with you!

Not everyone wants the same thing from their dog, everyone has different expectations. That is for you to decide and build in partnership with your dog. I love training my dogs.

I am a certified Pro-Dog Trainer and belong to a world-wide group of dog trainers passionate about teaching the key concepts of  Optimism, Focus, Calmness and Flexibility. All done through short fun games that can be practiced at home to ensure you and your dog have an awsome relationship and deal with the real life situations you will come across on a daily basis.

This is not about teaching, sit, down, stay in a controlled enviroment…  it is so much more! If you are enthusiastic and want to have fun with your dog then come and join us.

This training is not just for puppies, dogs of all ages can engage and learn though these games.

All training is supported with follow-up material to ensure you can continue your training at home.

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