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Agility can become a real addiction I started may years ago with my rescue dog Dale. He never competed but my next Rescue dog Flynn loved it and he was my first competition dog. My older dog Maya has just retired and sadly due to illness only made it to Grade 5. My young dogs are at Grade 6 and Grade 7.

It’s fun, friendly and is good exercise both physically and metally for you and your dog. All breeds can do agility.

Most people’s first encounter with agility comes from Crufts each year or  there are often displays at the many agricultural and rural shows around the country.  There are hundreds of Kennel club licensed agility shows held annually and other agility shows held around the country.

Agility Shows are fun competitions designed for the enjoyment of competitors, and to appeal to spectators. All sorts of dogs can take part. You can be as competetive as you want.

The formal requirements for competing in most agility shows whether Kennel Club or other are quite simple.

  • Your dog must be registered with organisation. This is very easy to do and not expensive.
  • Competitors taking part must familiarise themselves with the Rules and Regulations beforehand you learn most of this during training anyway.
  • Dogs can only enter agility shows when they are 18 months of age or over and have been officially measured and placed in the correct height category. Some have special classes for dogs from 12 months of age.
  • You will need to have an agility Record Book (for the Kennel Club) which is to record your dog’s height category, age, breed and offical name and all your competition wins and clear rounds.


Preparing your dog to be able to compete successfully  or just have fun takes time. Learning the key foundation skills is imperetive for longer term goals and safety.

Your dog will be competing or playing off lead so it is important that you have control. This is all built into the foundation training. For safety’s sake it is recommended that dogs do not start training on equipment until they are at least a year old, however, they can learn the basics over small bumps on the ground and round wings etc at a much younger age.

Whether you want to do Agility for fun with your dog to give then a purpose or you think you would like to compete then getting the foundations right is key. If you enjoy it and want to compete then help is at hand, if you just want to come for fun, that is good too.

Where – Training will be done at my outside venue just outside of Faringdon, Oxfordshire. Great views and good location for a relaxing walk after your session if you want one.

1:1 Sessions

Not everyone likes a group enviroment so 1:1 sessions are ideal. Half hour or hourly sessions or if you want to share with a friend you can split the cost.

Thursdays –  9am -2pm (Limited morning slots available)

Group Lessons

I am currently only running 1-2-1 sessions but will run some course starting in spring 2019

To book please call me on 07818 427876 or email me at

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