Puppy and Dog Life Skills Training

See Where, When and Prices for Lesson Availability

Training a puppy is important but often after the first puppy class traning stops and problems develop. Dogs love doing stuff. It keeps their minds occupied and keeps them fit. My classes are suitable for all ages of dogs. I may run specific puppy classes and older dog classes but as a rule all ages can learn in the same group.

My training is concept based. Using games to teach the important concepts a dog needs. Optimism, Foucus, Flexibility, Self Control and Calmness. There are many games that teach each of these concepts and make life fun for you and your dog. The focus is not on teaching specific behaviours such as sit, down, stay although these will be used during the games and if you are having problems then they will be resolved. The focus is on rewarding your dog for making the right choices, the choices you want them to make to be able to live happily with your family.

Life Skills Classes

Most of my training will be done at my outside venue just outside of Faringdon, Oxfordshire. Great views and good location for a relaxing walk after your session if you want one.

1:1 Sessions

These can be either at your home, out and about in your local area or at my outside venue depending on your and your dogs requirements. There will be a small travel charge if outside of the local area.


Limited to 4 Dogs

New –  Beginners – See Where, When and Prices for Lesson Availability

(All dogs must have had thier full vaccinations) Suitable for all ages puppies, young dogs, older dogs needing some more training.

To book please call me on 01235 763359 or email me at mel.j.taylor@gmail.com

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