Welcome to “Mel Taylor Dog Training”.  Previously Game on Dog Training.

Where you and your dog will learn to build an awesome relationship. Having fun together learning to make the right choices in life via the concepts taught by games and positive reinforcement.

I have trained extensively with  Absolute dogs, which is the largest dog training center in the UK, based in Devon and run by Lauren Langman one of the UK’s top agility handlers and Tom Mitchell, who is a veterinary behaviourist. You may have seen them on Facebook.  I am a certified Pro Trainer (Geek Level) with Absolute dogs. I have been training with them for 7 yrs and many other trainers. Games have had a significant impact on my own dogs.

Whether you are just about to get a new puppy, already have one and are struggling and/or not feeling inspired with your training or have an older dog that you are having problems with or just want to come and have fun with there will be something for you.

Dogs make choices constantly throughout the day. The majority of these choices will be good ones but probably go unrewarded and after time the wrong choices may start being made.

Some of the time, poor choices will be made and you may unknowingly be reinforcing them or your dog self rewarding leading to continued issues which will lead to you the owner getting very frustrated.

Using games I will teach you and your dog the concepts which will help guide you as a team to  rewarding the right choice and building the happy relationship that you want.

The games will teach your dog the value of being close to you, to be optimistic, to have self-control,  learn how to be calm and also have fun.