Getting a New Pup – What to expect

You been an seen a litter, chosen your favourite bundle of joy and you are totally smitten and in love.

Getting a new puppy is exciting but if you have never had a puppy before or its been a long time since you had one then there are challenges ahead. The thought can also be quite daunting. Having a new puppy in the house is lovely but it is also very hard work. It’s the same as bring a new baby home. Everyone’s routine is thrown up in the air and if you are not prepared it can be very stressful.

What you should expect.

  • A little person that wants & needs all your attention.
  • A little person that is not potty trained and will not worry about peeing or pooping on your carpets!
  • Someone that may cry alot when left alone.
  • Someone you need to watch 100% of the time to keep them and your belongings safe!
  • Someone that needs feeding every three to four hours.
  • Someone that thinks everything they can get hold of is a teething ring!
  • Be ready for sharp needle like teeth!
  • Getting up in the night to let your pup out for a wee.

So you are all ready to pick up your little bundle of joy, you need to be prepared for the new responsibility of looking after another life.

A puppy should not be left for long hours on thier own, they will get bored, anxious and problems will arise.

You will need to take time out of your normal schedule to see to his/her needs. It is a good idea to get a new puppy when you are able to take some time off work or arrange to work from home so that you can spend time together and allow you to be able to let him/her out regularly to go to the toilet. You also need to be able to have time to watch them, play with them and get to know when things like going to the toilet are about to happen so you can get them outside.

Expect less sleep. To house train a dog effectively you really need to let them out in the night, they will not be able to go all through the night to start with, without needing to go to the toilet.

Give your puppy plenty of your attention so they get to know you and are comfortable around you and other family members. Training can’t start early enough and should be 24/7, reward for the choices the puppy makes that are good, there a 100’s of choices for a puppy to make each day. Think of them as tunnels or pathways. You only want them to go down the paths that are good, so you need to reward and add value to those pathways as soon as possible so that they keep keep choosing the paths you want.

I hope you found this useful.. next blog… how to prepare for your puppies arrival what you need. Must haves and nice to haves……



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