Puppy at home… how to make the most of it.


Ha, so cute, so angelic, butter wouldn’t melt!


So hopefully you have your bundle of joy, and he/she is cute than can be, maybe with teeth sharper than you had expected and maybe not sleeping so well at night?

Hopefully you decided to go down the sleeping in a crate at night. Getting your puppy used to a crate has so many advantages.

  • Somewhere to keep them safe at night,
  • somewhere for them safe in the car,
  • somewhere you can put them at friends  or family houses when visiting if you need them to be safe.
  • when away on holiday, peace of mind at night and if you have to leave them during the day that they will not do any damage.
  • a quiet place for them to go and relax, children should not be allowed in or around the crate when the dog is in there.
  • somewhere to go at training classes when someone else is having a go.

If your puppy is struggling to settle at night,try covering the crate, leaving a radio on or playing  some white noise.  Make sure they have been out to the toilet before going to bed and don’t play and over stimulate them before bed time.

If they wake in the night and cry, take them out for a toilet session on the lead. Do not give them eye contact or talk to them. The lead helps to stop any ideas of play and the.. you can’t catch me afterwards game! If they continue to cry after you know they have been toileted, are not cold, or thirsty then try to ignore them and avoid going to the crate when they are actually crying. Wait fot them to pause before you go to them if you have to.

Play lots with your puppy, and interact with them lots. Reward them for all the good things that they do. Training can start straight away. They are very quick to learn at a young age!  Try not to have loads of toys available for them to play with all the time. Playing with toys is a great reward and is high value to a dog, so get the value associated with you… they play with the toy with you. You need to be the best and most fun thing in that puppies world.

Make sure they get lots of rest too.

There are loads of fun games you can play with your puppy at home before they are allowed out into the big wide world. Games that teach calmness, flexibility, impulse control, optimism all key skills your puppy will need out there in the big wide world.






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