It’s been a while!

It’s been a while since I blogged. Have been very busy with training and my photography work. Not to mention all the other fun things life throws at you! We are all way to busy these days!

The winter is holiday time for my dogs. Agility season over and although I keep them ticking over we do concentrate more on playing our concept games.

In Novemeber I travelled to Devon to attend Super Trainer Live, an awesome dog training event run by Absolute Dogs, founders of Concept games and Pro -Trainer of which I am a certified trainer for. This was the fourth one I attened.  It is attended not only by dog trainers but also people that own dogs and like to get the best out of them. The best thing is those of us who train regularly with Devon Dogs get to know eachother well and its is a great social event too. Every dog owner is a dog trainer in their own right, some like to do more than others. They are selling tickets for next years event already and they will sell out!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This was then followed by two days intense training for Pro-Trainers. New ideas, new concepts a brilliant two days of fun and learning.

I hear so many stories, especially during my dog shoots of very old fashioned, what we call Trainer 1 traits, where punishment, or consequences are used to try and get dogs to stop doing things the owners don’t want them to do. A dog who is trained the concept way is willing to do things because they get rewarded to make the right choice, not punished for making the wrong one!

Absolute dogs have just updated their website. Its cool, it has some great blogs on there that you should read and many of the photos are taken by me!

All the games they play and concepts they teach is what my training at “Game On for dogs” is based on. Those of you that have done some training with me will be familiar with some of the games they cover and concepts they talk about.  Go take a look. Its a valuable resources for you all. Absolute Dogs Blog Posts



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