Please be a Responsible Dog Owner!


Today, while I was up at my field I witnessed and event which could have turned out to be very nasty.
One owner, three dogs walking along the footpath. I hear him calling the dogs from some distance.
500 yrs away from very fast road the owner is calling the dogs but they are busy with the environment and not responding. He is about 50 yrs behind them.
The dogs carry on and 100 yrds away from the busy road he is still calling and dogs are not responding. They are on a mission to the woods the other side of the road!
20 yrds from the road the owner is still calling the dogs and they continue out onto the main road. The entrance to the footpath is totally blind to drivers and the cars travel at 50-60 mph along it!
Owner talks crossly to dogs when he catches up with them the other side of the road…
He won’t do that again me thinks! Why would he not put them on the lead? 
The consequence of not doing so could be the dogs get run over, the car driver crashes and gets injured or worse killed!
30 mins later he comes back from the woods and the whole process is repeated! This time several cars come by!
I hope those dogs never get run over. It will not be their fault!
I personally think that unless you are 110% confident that when walking by a road your dog will not leave your side if it sees a bird, squirrel, dog, cat, deer, jogger, cyclist etc then they should be on the lead. Otherwise you are risking the dog and other peoples lives.
Please think about your dogs and what effect your and thier actions could have on other people, their lives and yours!
Thanks for reading.

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